Cookie dough : the very definition of happiness!


The DOC Frank is always on the go! Sometimes it turns out to be things that we can't show you, but sometimes it leads to real masterpieces! And when he collaborates with Biscuits & Crème, OMG, tie your hat and take out your fork! From this alliance were born two flavors of cookie dough. It's definitely DI-VINE!

What flavors are available?
We have salted caramel and chocolate chip. You can eat them raw or baked, anything is possible. However, if you choose baked, there is no guarantee that you will be able to resist until you get home. Imagine having this delectable and irresistible product in your hands, having to drive, get home, turn on the oven, wait... and all the while you hear it say: EAT ME! EAT ME!

What’s the solution? Get both kinds so you can try one raw, and bake the other! No problem! You will therefore have the double joy of eating the dough IN ADDITION to 3 or 4 freshly baked cookies (or a GIGA cookie!). 

What is it eaten with?

With your fingers, those of your significant other, a fork, a spoon, a spatula, ice cream, vanilla or cappuccino yogurt, sandwiched between the two cookies of your favorite brand, with a bubble tea,  jelly, bubbles, maple syrup, hot fudge, caramel, your favorite nuts, a coffee, a muffin, a good book… you know where we are going with this? It's the most versatile food in the world (or almost)!

Come and have a taste! We're waiting for you!