Blowgun game

In life, it's important to have goals. Like finishing school, finding a job, taking a humanitarian trip or hitting a target by splashing bubbles on it. Yeah, it's a very noble purpose, as any other!

Thanks to our blowgun game (that's the art of bombarding things or people with a straw, your breath and projectiles), you can easily hit the target - graciously provided by us - that you will have placed beforehand. in a place that is adequately protected or easy to clean (all instructions are in the box!)

You can play it together, there is no age recommendation (your grandmother is welcome), you have 4 classic and delicious flavors, and you will have a lot of fun.

Then you do whatever you want with the bubbles. If you need ideas, we have recipes right here: SEE OUR RECIPES


Put it in everything, everywhere! ALL OVER!