Beautiful bomb with pomegranate fusion bubbles

One word: “WOW!” I am completely in love with this cocktail!

Ingredients :
- 1 oz of raspberry lychee liqueur @The Girl
- 1/2 oz of gin
- 1 oz of simple syrup
- A fresh pomegranate
- 1 bottle of tonic soda @ 1642
Bubblemaniac pomegranate fusion bubbles
- Ice cubes

Preparation : 
1. Take the seeds of the pomegranate and put them in a bowl. Reserve.
2. In a shaker-style glass, put the alcohol and the simple syrup.
3. In this glass, using a lemon squeezer, extract the juice from the seeds of the pomegranate. Mix.
4. In another glass, put the ice cubes, the fusion bubbles, the alcohol mixture, the simple syrup and the pomegranate juice, then pour the tonic soda.

Signed Citron Lime