A propos du Frank N Tea

Once upon a time...

“During our travels in Taiwan and in western Canada, we realized that bubble tea was found in everyone's hands, a bit like coffee back home”.

That's where it all began! From explorers of the world to tireless scientists, the owners have started their own experiments with these original molecular cooking potions. After that…

The brilliant idea

Frank N Tea logo

Like mad scientists who endlessly ventures into the calculations and recalibrations required for his scientific trials, the owners of Frank N Tea have spent countless hours of observation, research and practice over the past few years to develop this unique concept in Quebec. The unexpected craze for bubble tea prompted them to innovate in the development of their menu… to the delight of amateurs!



Opening of a branch in Victoriaville,
Opening of a branch in Trois-Rivières,
Opening of a branch in Drummondville,

JUNE 2021
Opening of a branch in Québec,

JULY 2021
Opening of a branch in Sherbrooke,

Non-periodic values

When you're a scientist, you can expect everything to change all the time! But with us, the values ​​always remain the same: authenticity, respect, pleasure. Just like the stability of molecules in a chemical environment, these three fundamental values ​​are the positive core of our business!


An explosive vision

We are always looking for collaborators as passionate as we are! We want to grow and promote our potions and our madness, and as such we constantly want to renew ourselves in addition to developing and refining the brand.