Strawberry Fusion Bubble Magic Potion

This mixture of ingredients will make you feel good. So good that you'll want to face the creatures from the dark side. This cocktail is without a doubt one of my favorites; the chosen ingredients blend wonderfully. This potion is definitely refreshing.

Ingredients : 
- 1 1/2 oz of lychee and raspberry liqueur
- 1 oz of raspberry vodka
- A cup of magic dragon tea @DAVIDsTEA
Bubblemaniac strawberry fusion bubbles
- Strawberries cut in half
- A slice of lemon

Preparation : 
1. Take the wedge of a lemon and swipe it around your glass. Then, place the outline of the glass in flavored sugar.
2. In the glass, using a pestle, crush the beforehand cut-in-half-strawberries.
3. Put some ice in (lots of ice, because we like it very cold).
4. Add alcohol, fusion bubbles and tea.
5. Mix well.

Signed Citron Lime