Recipe - Sangria with blueberry fusion bubbles

Because sangria rhymes with summer!

Ingredients :
- 1 container of raspberries
- 1 container of strawberries
- 2 oz of Peach Schnapps
- 1 oz of Triple sec
- 500 ml of red wine
- 1 ½ can of orange-pomegranate San Pellegrino
- 350 ml of strawberry-colada tea (the tea must be cold) @DAVIDsTEA
Bubblemaniac blueberry fusion bubble
- Ice cubes

Preparation :
1. In a bowl, put the raspberries and strawberries (keep a few strawberries aside), then make a smooth puree.
2. Pour the puree into a large pitcher and add the alcohol, tea and liquor.
3. Then add a few slices of strawberries. Remember to mix well.
4. In a glass, put ice and the fusion bubbles.
5. It’s now time to wrap it up by pouring the sangria.

Signed Citron Lime