Creamy Bubble Tea

REGULAR: $6.95 + taxes
LARGE: $8.69 + taxes
Mmmm… the cream… The base powder of creamy bubble tea is a milk substitute: the result is a smooth texture. This is one of our most popular! Your anatomy will thank you for this delicate attention!

R - 1 or 2 FLAVORS*
L - 1 to 3 FLAVORS*

Almond Avocado
Banana  Blueberry 
Bubble gum  Cantaloupe
Chocolate Coconut
Green apple   Honeydew melon
Jackfruit Lychee
Mango Matcha
Mint Mocha
Pandan Papaya
Passion fruit Peach
Pina colada Pineapple
Strawberry Taro
Vanilla Watermelon

Included in all our drinks:
Popping Boba, Tapioca and Jellys.

*Subject to change depending on availability in stores.