Iced Tea

REGULAR: $6.95 + taxes
LARGE: $8.69 + taxes

Our not-so-crazy scientists have thought of you, because they know you love iced tea with a twist of ingenuity. You like to dare, they like to experiment. Thank you for being a good guinea pig! Don't worry, we guarantee that this mixture will create an extraordinary chain reaction in you!

R - 1 or 2 FLAVORS*
L - 1 to 3 FLAVORS*

Blueberry Blue raspberry
Candyfloss Cherry 
Coconut Grapefruit
Grenadine Kiwi
Lemon Lime
Lychee Mango
Peach Pear 
Pomegranate   Popcorn 
Raspberry Strawberry

Included in all our drinks:
Popping Boba, Tapioca and Jellys.

*Subject to change depending on availability in stores.